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Financial Considerations

Our Financial Policy

We offer a 5% discount for cash payment in full at the time of visit and a 3% discount is provided for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit card payments. Interest is charged on all unpaid accounts at the rate of 1.5% per month. We also offer CareCredit®, click here to view the information on CareCredit•

To Our Patients Without Insurance
Payment is due at the time of service, unless other prior arrangements have been made with the staff.

To Our Patients With Insurance
We will always do our best to maximize insurance coverage for you, but it’s important that you are aware of the following;

  1. We file all claims as a courtesy for our patients.
  2. You are ultimately responsible for payment of your account regardless of insurance company’s coverage.
  3. Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. No insurance company covers 100% of recommended treatment. Insurance can certainly help but every policy has limitations. We urge you to be fully aware of the provisions of your policy.
  4. We work with many insurance companies and they all have a different set of rules and criteria. We will always diagnose you based on your mouth… what we feel is in your best interest, not based on your insurance benefits.
  5. Many plans state 50-100% coverage. When in actuality the coverage is quite less. This is due to what companies establish as “usual and customary fees”, which is most often, much lower than the actual cost of treatment. These base figures are usually kept low, but in no way indicate that the fee for your dental care is above the average for your geographical are.
  6. If your insurance requires a “pre-determination” or “prior authorization”, we will submit a treatment plan for review by your insurance carrier should you request it. However, please remember that the financial obligation for treatment is between you and this office. Your insurance company is responsible to you, not this office.
  7. Procedures that are not covered by Medical Assistance are the responsibility of the patient.
  8. If you have financial, insurance or any other questions regarding your treatment here, you can reach this office during regular business hours.

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